Our History

In late February 2015, a group of girls came together in search of a sisterhood in which philanthropic and academic success were considered essential and leadership was encouraged. They reached out to a number of different national organizations, but as soon as they saw the Alpha Pi Phi website, they knew that they had found what they were looking for. After the National Executive Board (NEB), now international (ICAAP), of Alpha Pi Phi agreed to work with our interest group on colonization, we began to reach out for interest group recruiting. Theta Chapter's strong group of founding sisters was quickly formed. Anna Craven, Amanda Ehrmann, Marisa Kaplan, Genna Karp, Jamie Lee, Danielle Simms and Shelli Weiler all began to start the journey towards becoming a Chapter. We grew closer and closer throughout the colonization process, working with NEB and each other in order to see our dream become a reality. We were happy to find friends in the sisters of the existing Alpha Pi Phi chapters and came to love and value every aspect of the sorority. Finally on November 15th, 2015 we became the Theta Chapter: the first chapter of Alpha Pi Phi in the United States! Our founding sisters: Anna, Amanda, Marisa, Genna, Jamie, Danielle, and Shelli had so much fun working together and can't wait to see what Theta Chapter does next! 

Mother's Message

"In January of 2009, six young women in their second year of studies at Carleton University, came together with the purpose of creating a new women's organization on campus: Paz Arias, Lauren Crosby, Jessica Doyle, Heather McBride, Lesley Walker and, myself, Laura Kell.

After much thought and deliberation, we, the founding mothers of what would eventually become Alpha Pi Phi, had finally come to the conclusion that there was a need for a new society on campus - a place where young women, such as ourselves, could unite with one and other, bound together by our shared qualities, virtues and, of course, friendship.

Thus, we began meeting weekly and began establishing a sisterhood, founded upon the principles of Love, Loyalty and Friendship. Soon after, on February 26th, Alpha Pi Phi Sorority was officially born."


- Laura Kell, Founding Mother

(source: International Website of Alpha Pi Phi)

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