President's Message

Anna Craven

Theta Chapter President

Welcome to Alpha Pi Phi Theta Chapter! Theta chapter was the first American chapter of Alpha Pi Phi, meaning that our founding sisters officially made APP an international sorority! We are a diverse group of students that are involved in a multitude of different activities and academic pursuits here at Brandeis. Although we are different, Alpha Pi Phi has created a community of sisterhood and friendship where all of our sisters come together to receive the love and support that allows us each to grow into the best versions of ourselves. Through successes and failures, important milestones and monotonous days, every member of our sisterhood is fully supported by the love, loyalty, and friendship that characterizes this organisation. To me, Alpha Pi Phi means wearing our letters with pride and loving my sisters unconditionally. APP has helped me to find a home at Brandeis, helped me to develop my leadership skills, and provided me with a community of women who share my values of sisterhood, philanthropy, academic excellence, and leadership. As a sorority, we work to help young women make the most of their Brandeis experience. We built our presence on campus around our most important values: Leadership, Academics, Philanthropy, and of course, Sisterhood! Throughout each semester, we assemble a calendar of fun events ranging from sisterhood hikes, to movie nights, to philanthropic activities like the Walk for Alzheimer's in Boston. The benefits of our sisterhood extend far beyond the university experience. Becoming a sister of Alpha Pi Phi gives each of us a lifetime membership into this wonderful and supportive community of women throughout North America. I invite you to take a look around our website and social media presence to get a better sense of who we are and if we are right for you! Feel free to reach out with any questions. We hope to see you at recruitment!


Phi Love,

Laura Marasa

President of Alpha Pi Phi - Theta Chapter

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