Night Market for Sisters

I, along with other members on the Taiwanese Student Association, held our annual Night Market event last Saturday. As the largest collaboration among all the cultural clubs on Brandeis campus, tons of foods from different culture are served to all families and friends at Brandeis. It was a warm and happy night for lots of us. We started prepping at 9 A.M. in the morning and our record tells us more then 1000 attendees came to our big night. I was on duty to serve boba tea during Night Market. It was so heartwarming to see almost all the sisters from Alpha Pi Phi came to the market and support my event. They gave me hugs, told me how great I did, and thanked me for putting this together. Before I joined Alpha Pi Phi, I never thought that I would have such a strong connection with people from other countries and cultures. As an international student, it is a challenge and struggle for me to “blend in.” Yet, sister in Alpha Pi Phi made me realize that I will never have to pretend to be someone else. I can be myself and they’d be happy to experience my culture. I remembered going to Chabad with one of our sisters who is constantly active in Orthodox Judaism and had so much fun. Now she came to Night Market to enjoy the food and vibe in my culture. It is just beautiful the way we love each other and the cultures we came from. We are so different in color, origins, and styles, but we are so joined heart to heart and we are always better when we are together.

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