Emerging Leadership Through Dance


I have always loved to dance. I especially love to choreograph. Whenever I listen to music, I always have ideas on how to move and where to jump and turn. I’ve never had a chance to choreograph for anyone but myself though. Coming to college, I heard about a group called Adagio, where students choreograph their own dances and then teach them to other dancers. This past semester, the spring of my freshman year, I finally got a chance to do just that. I choreographed to a song called River by Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran. Being a choreographer not only challenged my dancing skills, but it also challenged my leadership skills. I could no longer go at my own pace with choreography; I had to listen to the group and what they were comfortable with, and then proceed from there. Not only that, but I had to make sure the group stayed on topic, because with many friends in my dance it was hard to always do what was needed. Overall, choreographing a dance has increased my ability to lead a group and to cater to everyone’s needs, which is a skill that is much needed in the world. Coming into two leadership positions, rush chair and academic support chair, I have many new skills from choreographing in adagio that will help me with these new positions. I am able to organize events when everyone can come, as well as far enough in advance. As well as this, I can make sure events are on track, which is especially important in an academic support position. If academic events aren’t on track, nothing will get done, and the event won’t be useful. Overall, choreographing for adagio has created a world of new opportunities and more confidence in my new leadership positions which I am ready to bring to Alpha Pi Phi.

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