How I've Changed Through Alpha Pi Phi

Last week, I captioned my #thetathursday post, “Life would be a mistake without your sisters”, and that was one of the most true, genuine captions I have ever written. I joined Alpha Pi Phi second semester of freshman year, looking to get out of my bubble and to expand my social life at Brandeis. What I didn’t realize a year and a half ago when I accepted my bid into the sorority was how much I would change positively through the sisterhood, or how important these girls were going to be to me. I was a clueless freshmen looking to try something new. Back in high school, I never thought of myself as being in a sorority, let alone the treasurer, secretary, or most surprisingly of all, the social chair of one. I used to be so shy and so different from the type of person who would enjoy going to parties, but my leadership roles encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone; now I am someone who both enjoys and plans these events. Alpha Pi Phi has all the elements one wants in a sorority, but defies the stereotypes. Everyone here is so unique, quirky and passionate about one thing or another, but were all drawn together by one common bond: There is no typical Alpha Pi Phi sister. 


I could not imagine my college experience without Alpha Pi Phi. Through my highs and lows of college, these girls have been with me through it all. From the celebrations at Springfest, Formal, and last week when I was having a rocky, drama filled start to the semester. Just being surrounded by my sisters at Meet and Greek took my mind off of everything, gave me people to confide in, and allowed me to remain happy and keep my self esteem up - all thanks to the support of these girls. Being in their presence is reassures that everything is going to be alright. I do not know what I would do without this incredible support system. Back at home, I never really felt that I had a strong support system of girls I was super close with. The small nature of our chapter has not only allowed me to achieve what I have been looking for my entire life, but has allowed me to become a more outgoing, confident, and friendly person. Talking to potential new members reminds me how much I love meeting and guiding new people. Attending executive board meetings reminds how much I love being part of the leadership of our organization. Thanks to the sorority, I went from being a girl from suburban Ohio, to having friends from all over the country and the world. Growing so close with these sisters has allowed me to make incredible memories I will cherish forever. Alpha Pi Phi has changed me for the better. I will say it again: Life would be a mistake without my sisters.





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